Election Dates: 01/02/2017 to 01/31/2017

At the recent MPLA Board Meeting in Loveland, the board approved a new membership category: Author Members. Our bylaws will need to be revised to include this new category, and therefore requires a vote of membership. Below is the proposed wording for the bylaws change. This section will be added to Article III of the current MPLA Bylaws which describe our member categories:

3.2.5 Author members. Published authors, including those who write for children and young adults, are eligible. Author membership allows for an active partnership with libraries in the twelve-state MPLA region. Author membership includes a credit which can be used toward any advertisement or combination of advertisements in the MPLA newsletter. The annual credit is not cumulative and must be used within the membership year. Membership includes a listing on the Authors Supporting MPLA section on the website, and will include the author's name, home state, and a link to a personal website. Author members are entitled to personal voting privileges, but are not eligible for professional development grants. Author members are not eligible to run for office in MPLA.