The Nominating Committee nominates two candidates for Vice-President/ President-Elect and two for Recording Secretary.


Stephen Sweeney
St. John Vianney Seminary, Cardinal Stafford Library
1300 South Steele Street
Denver, CO, 80210


  • Argo, Melanie, SD
  • Boyce, Judi, WY
  • Davis, Luise, NV
  • Farmer, Gloria, OK
  • Monley, Randi, ND
  • Mortensen, Sherrie, UT
  • Rawn, Rachel, MT
  • Ricketts, Amadee, AZ
  • Rosenfeld, Elena, CO
  • Shafer, Maribeth, KS
  • Straatmann, Michael, NE
  • Wahl, Erin, NM

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