Membership Committee Report

January 31, 2019 

Thanks to Brenda Hemmelman we gained an institutional membership from the South Dakota State Library. Brenda also came up with an idea that was used several years ago to increase membership. The committee would like to institute a contest between the state representatives to see who can get the most new members or renewed lapsed members for their state.

Introducing the MPLA Membership Rally:

Each state rep races to gain memberships for his/her state (including their State Library!). This will run for 3 months and any state that has a conference during those months cannot count the 10 memberships we give away at conferences. A suitable recognition will take place for the winner of the rally.

The starting month has not been decided yet. 

We have begun to discuss how to improve our web presence on library school websites with the communication committee.

Mary Ann Thompson

CO-06 Membership - 2019-01-31 Reports