MPLA Nominating Committee
January 24, 2019 MPLA Executive Board Meeting

This is a repeat from last report:

Timeline for 2019 MPLA Election of the President-Elect and Recording Secretary Conference: New Mexico Library Association, Oct. 30- Nov. 1, 2019

  • Bio and candidate information is gathered by: April 26th

  • Bio and candidate information to Newsletter Editor: May 1st for June/July


  • Webmaster puts the Bios/Photos on the website: June 1st

  • Webmaster does the setup for the ballot: late July

  • Election runs: August 26th – Sept. 13th

  • Results announced: Sept. 18th

    o results must be announced not less than 6 weeks before the conference

    New Information: I have a person willing to run for the position of Recording Secretary and one person for the position of Vice-President Elect. I know we like to have at least 2 candidates for each one. So, if anyone has ideas of potential candidates for either position, please let me know.

CO-07 Nominating - 2019-01-31 Reports