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Nominating Committee Board Reports


MPLA Nominating Committee Report
July 24, 2004, Denver, CO

The MPLA Nominating Committee worked mostly through email this year, coming up with a preliminary list of potential candidates for office (President Elect and Recording Secretary), and then discussing issues related to selecting candidates: record of service to MPLA, Board of Directors experience, service to other associations/library profession, geographical diversity, etc. We began our work early in 2004 by coming up with a long list of candidates, narrowed it down to a short list, and began making contacts by March. We finally had a full slate of candidates in April, and formatted the ballots to pass on to the Joe Edelen, MPLA Executive Secretary.

The candidates for MPLA office for 2004-2005 are:

President Elect

Theresa Dickson (OK)
Sharon Osenga (NE)

Recording Secretary

Louis Howley (AZ)
Connie Lamb (UT)

The committee also worked with the Sections to ensure that candidates for chair elect were chosen and formatted the ballots once the candidate information was received. The following are the candidates for office in the sections for 2004-2005:

Academic Section

Jan Fandrich (MT)
JaNae Kinikin (UT)

Children's and School Section

Julie Bartel (UT)

Government Documents Section

Kirsten Clark (NM)

New Members Roundtable

David Alexander (SD)
Kristen Becker (KS)

Preservation, Archives, and Special Collections

Stephen Van Buren (SD)

Public Libararies and Trustees Section

Joseph Ermer (WY)
Anna Moore (OK)

State Agencies and Cooperatives

Brian Greene (WY)
Toni Harrell (KS)

Technical Services

S. Michael Kim (OK)

The ballots for the MPLA officers and section officers will be mailed to the membership in the summer of 2004 and September 2, 2004 is the deadline for returning the ballots to Joe Edelen.

After much discussion, the Nominating Committee has drafted a set of recommendations to bring to the Board of Directors to assist with some of the issues that arose this year in the section nominating process. These recommendations will hopefully simplify the procedure for future section chairs as they appoint committees. These recommendations will be presented at the July 24, 2004 Board meeting.

With the assistance of Webmaster Dan Chaney, the Nominating Committee has posted its Manual of Procedure online in MS Word format in order to make it available to all committee members. The manual is available at:

I would like to thank the hard-working members of this year's committee for their input, "arm-twisting," numerous emails and phone calls sent and received, and their great dedication to this committee and MPLA.

The members of the 2003-2004 committee were:

Teri Metros (AZ )
Jenna Obee (CO)
Michelle Swain (KS)
Eileen Wright (MT)
Deb Robertson (NE)
Linda Wilson (NV)
Linda Fox (NM)
Donna James (ND)
Ann Smith (SD)
Wendy Holliday (UT)
Ara Anderson (WY)

Respectfully submitted,

David Oberhelman (OK),
Chair, MPLA Nominating Committee, 2003-2004