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Vice President Board Reports


Vice-President’s Report
October 2005 Board Meeting

  1. WLA/MPLA Joint Conference: The registration at the joint conference is around 450. We budgeted for just over 300 people to attend so this is great news! The confirmed conference keynote is Roy Tennant from the California Digital Library who writes a technology column for Library Journal. Another key speaker is Steve Abram from Sirsi who will present two double sessions. The reception on Wednesday night filled early. Only 225 tickets were available and we had over 400 requests for tickets. A late addition to the conference is author Mark Spragg. He will speak at the opening reception program and also be attending the One Conference-One Book Discussion of his book Where Rivers Change Directions. The conference blog is up and running. Programs that had to be cancelled due to low enrollment: Yellowstone trip and the post-conference on Copyright in the Digital Age. The Internet Café will be set up in the Cougar Room of the Pavilion and the Mezzanine Level of the Snow King Resort.
  2. Transitional Year: Carol Hammond and I are working on the details of the transition. If the proposed organizational change is approved at the membership meeting, then I am planning on a meeting of the new Administration Committee in the Spring and a full board meeting in the Fall. I am filling committee openings under the current structure. Under the organizational change, some of these committees will become online discussion groups and others will combine to become larger committees.
  3. Committees: Attached to this report are the committee appointments as of this date. As you will see, there are still quite a few spots to be filled on some committees. I plan to make an announcement at the membership meeting in case there is someone there that would like to serve.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Osenga

2005-2006 Committee Appointments

MPLA Awards Committee
Rosario Garza (CO) - 2007 Chair
Cassandra Osterloh (NM) - 2007
Jan Fandrich (MT) - 2008
Terri Summey (KS) - 2008
Denis Smith (KS) - 2008

MPLA By-Laws Committee
Betty Dance (UT) - 2008 Chair
Pam Bohmfalk (NE) - 2008
Joan Konecky (NE) - 2007
One open position

MPLA Continuing Education Committee
Jeanne Narum (ND) - 2007 Chair
Dan Stanton (AZ) - Ex-Officio
Julie Bartel (UT) - 2007
Julie Edwards (WY) - 2007
Valerie Harton (CO) - 2007
Melissa Heckard (MT) - 2007
Robin Bartoletti (OK) - 2008
Judith Cremer (KS) - 2008
Mary Caspers-Graper (SD)-2008
Robert Russell (SD) - 2008

MPLA Electronic Communications Committee
(will become Discussion Group)
AZ: Wes Edens - 2007
CO: ____________________________________________________
UT: _____________________________________________________
WY: _____________________________________________________
NM: _____________________________________________________
NE: Robin Brooks - 2007
ND: _____________________________________________________
SD: David Alexander - 2008
WY: Larry Schmidt - 2007
MT: _____________________________________________________
KS - Judy Druse - 2007
OK: _____________________________________________________
NV: _____________________________________________________

MPLA Intellectual Freedom Committee
(will become a Discussion Group)

AZ: ___________________________________________________
CO: Lou Anderson (CO) - 2007 Chair
UT: Marie Paiva - 2008
NM: __________________________________________________
NE: __________________________________________________
ND: Jan Murphy - 2007
SD: Colleen Kirby - 2007
WY: _________________________________________________
MT: Colleen Major - 2007
KS: _________________________________________________
OK: Michael Kim - 2008
NV: _________________________________________________

MPLA Leadership Institute Committee
Marilyn Hinshaw (OK) - Chair
Mary Bushing (MT) - Institute Coordinator
Debbie Iverson (WY) - 2008
Dennis Wilson (KS) - 2007
Anne Liebst (KS) - 2008
Stephanie Gerding (AZ) - 2008
Linda Deacy (NV) - 2008

MPLA Nominating Committee
AZ: ____________________________________________________
CO: ____________________________________________________
UT: Peter Kraus - 2007 Chair
NM: ___________________________________________________
NE: Bev Russell
ND: ____________________________________________________
SD: Colleen Kirby - 2007
WY: ____________________________________________________
MT: ____________________________________________________
OK: ____________________________________________________
KS: ____________________________________________________
NV ____________________________________________________

MPLA Professional Development Grants Committee
Robert Shupe (AZ) - 2007 Chair
Becky Baker (NE) - 2007
Silvia Hall-Ellis (CO) - 2007
Sandra Barstow (WY) - 2008
Connie Lamb (UT) - 2008

MPLA Public Relations/Membership Committee
Theresa Dickson (OK) - 2007 Co-Chair
JaNae Kinikin (UT) - 2007 Co-Chair
Karen Cahbot (ND) - 2007
Lisa Dunn (CO) - 2007
Robin Brooks (KS) - 2007
Toni Harrel (KS) - 2007
David Anderson (SD) - 2007
Marcia Cheney (UT) - 2008