LIC Board Report January 2019

I spirit of frugality, I sent RFPs out to our previous and additional venues to make sure the YMCA will be our best option for hosting the 2020 LI:

My RFP deadline is February 15th with a March 1st decision date.

I have also been in touch with Maureen regarding her facilitation availability.

Otherwise, the committee is gearing up for fundraising efforts. I acknowledge that the 2019 budget pieces that include leadership institute expenses seem proper.

My goal is to keep total expenses to about $30,000 – which means cutting more costs relative to previous years.

The board might consider hosting the event with just 2 additional mentors and 2 fewer dinner meals. Many fellows like to go out for something different later in the week anyway and we end up paying for meals that no one eats.

Respectfully Submitted, Aubrey Madler

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