ST-3 Kansas Representative MPLA Board Report January 2019

MPLA Activities:

  • I received the KLA/MPLA Conference Survey Data from the KLA Office. I compiled the data to share with MPLA. I did leave out some of the questions and results because there was just so much information, and some of it seemed less important.
  • I shared the full survey results spreadsheet from KLA with Judy.
  • Was contacted by the former KLA/MPLA Representative and she has located past conference materials.
  • Submitted my personal membership renewal.
  • Sent out a Kansas Library Listserv email promoting membership or renewal.

KLA Activities:

  • Attended a KLA Board Meeting in January.
  • Volunteered to assist with the 2019 KLA Conference.
  • Actively gave input and feedback on KLA’s response to a local book challenge that has been covered on national news.

Submitted by: Shanna Smith, Mulvane Public Library Director

ST-03 Kansas - 2019-01-31 Reports