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Oklahoma Board Reports


Oklahoma Report: January 2007

There are several activities in place to assist Oklahoma librarians in plans for the Centennial in November of 2007 and I would like to highlight a few of those activities.

1. Centennial Collage Project: All types of libraries are encouraged to create a collage to depict the history and special projects accomplished by their individual libraries.

2. Centennial Reading Promotion: A joint effort between public and school libraries will result in programs to promote Oklahoma authors, books about Oklahoma, and books that may be tied to Oklahoma and its history. The promotion will begin April 1, 2007 and run through April 1 of 2008. This effort is intended to promote the reading of books and resources for children and young adults; either through individual reading efforts or read alouds by parents, caregivers, teachers or reading mentors.

3. Focus on Libraries: Libraries are encouraged to write a brief history that will be posted on the OLA web site.

The Miami Miami Public Library received two grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. The Public Access Computer Hardware Upgrade Grant, valued at $5,952, was received in August and the Wireless Access Grant, valued at $3,622, was received in December. Four new computers were purchased for public use and wireless access points will be avaliable on all three floors of the library.