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Utah Board Reports


Report to MPLA from Utah Library Association
13 July 2007
Submitted by Emily S. Schultz

New Utah Library Association Organization:

New ULA president Dorothy Horan conducted a training meeting for the new officers in conjunction with the ULA Board Meeting on Friday, June 8th at the Utah State Library.

New officers received training on role expectations, ULA activities, meeting protocol, voting, budgets, and deadlines. The new conference committee chair, Jeff Belliston, reported that planning has begun for the joint conference with MPLA to be held April 29-May 2, 2008 in Salt Lake City. The Program Board met to begin discussions on programs for 2008. Also during the meeting, Jim Cooper was elected as the Elected Member to the ULA Executive Board.

National Legislator’s Day:

Donna Morris and Kimberly Bray reported on National Legislator’s Day, and their successful trip to Washington D.C. in May with Dorothy Horan to lobby our local leaders on library issues. The three met with Senator Hatch, Senator Bennett, and Congressman Matheson personally. All three lawmakers expressed support for libraries and for the upcoming LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act).

New State Representative:

Emily Schultz is the new representative from Utah to MPLA. Emily is the Manager of Cataloging at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and has worked in libraries since age 14 when she began volunteering at the North Mankato Public Library in Minnesota.

Head of Salt Lake Public Library System Retires:

Nancy Tessman, who was head of the Salt Lake Public Library system for ten years, retired at the end of June, 2007. She had been a major force behind the new, award-winning downtown Salt Lake City Public Library, which has been a center for the arts, and for redefining what a library can do for a community. Mayor Rocky Anderson, in a Deseret News article, is quoted as saying: "Nancy's tremendous, dedicated service to the Salt Lake City Public Library system has made such a positive impact on our community, particularly with respect to education, culture and the arts." Nancy has been named director emeritus by the library board, and a replacement should be selected later this year.

Ghost Ranch Leadership Institute Nominations:

There were thirteen applicants from Utah for the Ghost Ranch Leadership Institute. Two candidates have been selected, as well as an additional, strongly recommended candidate and three alternates. There was only one disqualified applicant.