image of Stephen Sweeney
Candidate For (position) Vice-President/President Elect
Name Stephen Sweeney
Current Position CO State Rep
Previous Position(s)Saint John Vianney Seminary, Cardinal Stafford Library, 7/2010-present
University of Denver, College of Education, 8/2016-present
Denver Public Library, Denver, 5/2002-10/2003
Regis University, Dayton Memorial Library, 10/1999-7/2007
Education (degrees earned and from where)BSBA, Regis University, Religious Studies and Business Administration, 1999
MLIS, University of Denver, Library and Information Science, 2007
Professional activities, especially those in MPLA or relevant to this positionAwards Committee - 11/2016-present

Nominating Committee - 10/2014-present

Financial Review Committee - 4/2010-6/2017

Administration Committee - 10/2015-10/2016

Membership Committee - 8/2013-10/2014

Professional Development Committee - 8/2013-10/2014

Leadership Institute Participant - 5/2014
MPLA member since (year) March 2007
What ability, talent, interest, or strength would you bring to this position?Thinking about the natural flow of this position, I bring strong conference planning skills to my VP/President-Elect year. I would sincerely look forward to working with NMLA to ensure a successful conference. Having spent time on many of MPLA's committees, I feel I have a broad sense of the Association, our values, and where we are headed. That positions me to keep us focused on our shared values while growing the membership while retaining the ones we have and continue to grow in our central mission of professional development opportunities.
What would you like to accomplish during your term of office?I believe that there are two areas of growth potential for our Association, both around governing documents and professional development. I think that some good work has been done relative to thinking about our bylaws and Manual of Procedures and I would like to bring that to its conclusion. This would only be a temporary conclusion of course, because I recognize that we continue to grow and be strong because our governing documents are strong, living, and current. Professional development is one of the central strengths of our Association. I believe that MPLA is poised at the edge of making a significant investment in the technology necessary to continue to offer professional development. Working with the professionals involved in ongoing development and bylaws, I think we can make a continued impact for the good of the Association relative to membership, excellence in the profession via our awards program, and the success of our Leadership Institute.