Lincoln Library Medicine Lodge, Kansas

The Lincoln Library is situated on the corner of Main and First Street in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. The Lincoln Library continues to grow and has a rich and vibrant history, it celebrated 120 years this past year. Present and past librarians and staff of the Lincoln Library handed out 1500 donated books during a three-day event at the Peace Treaty Pageant Parade in 2018.

The Lincoln Library is an automated library using the Follett Destiny System, it supports an updated collection, computer stations and has many interesting projects such as digitization, outreach programs, augmented virtual reality, 3 D Pen, robotics, book club, summer reading programs, story time and many more. The Library has the support of an active Library Board and Foundation.

The city of Medicine Lodge has the largest population in the county and is the County Seat of Barber County, Kansas. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 2,009. The area is known for the scenic Gypsum Red Hills, rich history, winding rivers, abundant wildlife and wide open space. The main industries in the area that round out the top employers are farm and ranch, oil and gas, National Gypsum, hospital and School District. Originated by the 1867 Medicine Lodge Treaty, the city is known for its quality educators, fine churches, recreational programs, business friendly atmosphere, and low crime rate.


Library Director Job Description

The Library Director, working with the guidance of the Lincoln Library Medicine Lodge Board of Trustees, is responsible for managing and providing library services to the residents of the City of Medicine Lodge and surrounding service area of Barber County.

Start date: September 1, 2019


Essential functions:

The Library Director provides administrative, financial and public services for the effective management and delivery of library services to the community.

The position is exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and requires a minimum of 40-hour work week.  Job responsibilities include the following three primary areas:

I Administrative:


1)  Prepares and submits all necessary reports for State Library of        Kansas, South Central Kansas Library System and other agencies.

2)  Attends monthly Board meetings and presents information and recommendations for Board action.

3)  Maintains awareness and compliance with applicable governmental and library laws and regulations.


1)  Hires, supervises, evaluates and terminates staff in accordance with      Board policy.

2)  Identifies, participates in and recommends continuing education for self, staff and Board.


1)  Works with the Board to develop and implement long- and short-range plans and projects for the library. – Strategic Planning

2)  Works with the Board using financial and library data to evaluate services, use, staffing, policies and procedures for the effective operation of the library.


1)  Develops and recommends library policy for the effective library operations and provision of user services to the Board.

2)  Interprets and explains library policies and procedures to staff and public.

3)  Serves as the executive officer for the library and administrative officer for the Board.

4)  Is a liaison for the Library Foundation and offers training information.

II Financial:

Budget Preparation

1)  Gathers information from the city and other sources regarding annual tax and grant funding for the library.

2)  Completes and monitors all documentation and processes necessary to secure annual local, regional and state funding.

3)  Assists the Board in preparing the annual budget.


Accounting and Purchasing

1)  Processes invoices, billings and payroll information for timely payment. 

2)  Monitors and reconciles financial statements with the help of the Board Treasurer.

3)  Selects and/or approves purchase of print, non-print and electronic media, library materials, technology hardware and software, supplies and services.

III. Public Services

General Service

1)  Provides service and assistance of library services to users of all ages.

2)  Recommends and assists library users of all ages in identifying and using library resources to meet their reading and information needs.


1)  Assists library users in the use of library technology and troubleshoots library technology as necessary.

2)  Monitors and recommends appropriate library technology for the library.


1)  Envisions, organizes and implements library programming, with input from staff.

2)  Ensures the organization and implementation of the annual Summer Reading Program.

Collection Development and Maintenance

1)  Purchases library materials to meet the reading and information needs of the community.  Also looking at exposing the community to diverse ideas, religions, people and cultures where appropriate.

2)  Uses appropriate selection tools for developing the collection of library materials.

3)  Ensures that standard cataloging and classification procedures are followed to provide ease of collection access, using the ILS Follett Destiny to evaluate collection use and need.

4)  Weeds collection on a regular and planned basis. 

Public Relations

1)  Serves as the contact and spokesperson for the library in communication with citizens and the media, including submitting information to the local newspaper and maintaining the library website, Facebook, YouTube, LibraryThing, Instagram and Wordpress.

2)  Promotes library services and programs to the community.

3)  Develops partnerships with local and area individuals and organizations.


Library Cooperation

1)  Borrows and loans library materials and manages interlibrary loan records and shipping for Lincoln Library and Medicine Lodge schools. Follows interlibrary loan policies and procedures in accordance with regional, state and national codes.

2)  Identifies and examines means and opportunities for increasing library funding.

3)  Represents the library’s interests in local, regional and state cooperative efforts and meetings. 



1)  Acts or arranges for the library to be open and operable.

2)  Monitors the physical condition of the library facility and ensures it is in good and safe order.

3)  Recommends updates to the facility that will enhance the library’s ability to provide programming and services.


Other duties:

Performs other library-related duties as assigned by the Board.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

1)  Demonstrated management and administrative abilities for the operation of a public library, non-profit organization or business.

2)  Knowledge of modern library services.

3)  Ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

4)  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 

5)  Knowledge of financial management.

6)  Knowledge of information technologies.

7)  Ability to supervise and evaluate staff and services.

8)  Knowledge of leadership principles.

Required Physical Requirements

1)  Sitting, standing, walking, climbing and stooping.

2)  Bending, twisting and reaching.

3)  Speaking and hearing, use of the telephone.

4)  Lifting and carrying; 50 pounds or less.

5)  Keyboarding, writing, filing, sorting.

6)  Pushing and pulling, objects weighing 60-80 pounds or less on a wheeled cart.

7)  Cognitive attention and accuracy.

8)  Mobility to travel to locations outside of Medicine Lodge if needed.

9)  Able to safely operate an automobile.



1)  Minimum educational requirement is an Associate Degree or 60 hours of undergraduate college credit and the preferred credential is a Master of Library and Information Science degree.

2)  Library work experience.

3)  Proficiency with Microsoft Offices and QuickBooks software applications.

4)  Residency in Medicine Lodge or residency within a reasonable driving distance of Medicine Lodge.


Salary and Benefits

Salary range is $35,000 to $40,000, commensurate with qualifications and experience.  Paid Kansas Public Employee Retirement System (KPERS) benefit and annual single paid health insurance benefit.

To Apply

Send a cover letter, resume and contact information for three professional references by mail or e-mail to, Kelly Long Search Committee, Lincoln Library, 201 N. Main, Medicine Lodge, KS  67104.  Application deadline is June 25,2019.  Applicants who best meet the qualifications may be invited to interview.  Equal Employment Opportunity Employer (EEOE).