Request for Proposal: Summer Library Workshop Presenter

Summary and Background:

The Kansas Library Consultants for Youth (KLCY) are accepting proposals for the 2019 Summer Library Workshop presentations. Each year, KLCY conducts Summer Library Workshops at seven locations across the state of Kansas in early spring. These workshops feature a guest presenter who provides programming ideas and practical advice on running a summer library program to enhance the children’s and teen’s learning and reading experiences while incorporating the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) yearly theme. The presenter utilizes both the CSLP resources and external resources within her/his program. The workshops are for adult library employees and volunteers with varying degrees of expertise in youth services. Presentation time varies at each location, but the general time frame for workshop presentations is from three to four hours. The number attending each workshop varies from twenty to seventy-five depending on location with the total attendance for all seven workshops at approximately four hundred.

Please note: While we are happy to entertain proposals from previous presenters, preference will be given to those applicants who have not presented a Summer Library Workshop in Kansas within the last two years.

Proposal Guidelines:

This Request for Proposal represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. Proposals will be accepted until 5 p.m. CST ‐ April 6, 2018. Any proposals received after this date and time will be rejected.

All proposals should include the following items:

Proposals must be submitted as PDF documents and should not exceed six pages in length. Proposals should be emailed to Robin Hargrave at Professional references should not be included in the PDF documents; instead, they should be emailed directly to The applicant’s full name should be used as the email subject line.

Evaluation of proposals will be conducted during April and May. If additional information or discussions are needed with any potential presenters during this time frame, presenters will be notified.

In order for applicants to provide meaningful materials, we have included a brief description of the Summer Library Workshop goals and outcomes.

Workshop Guidelines:

Presentations include ideas and advice that will apply and work successfully with many ages and in all kinds of library situations including: varied library sizes, staff levels, and budgets, as well as differing space for programming, creativity and educational level of staff, and degrees of enthusiasm for program. If selected, specific details and a full outline must be distributed to all seven locations two weeks prior to the first presentation. Proposals must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. CST ‐ April 6, 2018.

Workshop Purpose and Description:

Presenter must understand and meet the goals of the workshop, which are founded on the CSLP themes and materials:

1. to develop children's and teen’s interests in reading for pleasure

2. to encourage and motivate children and teens to improve their reading skills

3. to encourage use of all library resources

4. to increase awareness of learning opportunities within libraries


Workshop Measurable Outcomes:

1. Every attending participant will have at least one programming idea they will use.

2. Ideas from the CSLP manual will be presented.

3. When ideas are presented from the CSLP manual, they are demonstrated or expanded in some way.

4. Ideas will be presented that are not drawn from the CSLP manual.

5. Ideas and activities will be presented for early literacy, school aged, and teen programs.

6. Enthusiasm and excitement for the theme will be generated through the presentation.

7. Audience members will be engaged and asked to actively participate with presenter, whether through demonstrations, crafts, or sharing own ideas. (Other ideas: book trailers, book talks, etc.)

8. Books will be recommended in relation to specific programs and activities.

9. Handouts will be available for ideas presented.

10. Presentation will incorporate innovative ideas from current library practice.


Request for Proposal and Workshop Timeline:

All proposals in response to this RFP are due to Robin Hargrave ( no later than 5 p.m. CST ‐ April 6, 2018. Evaluation of proposals will be conducted during April and May. If additional information or discussions are needed with any potential presenters during this time frame, presenters will be notified. Presenter selection will be made by the KLCY group in May.

Upon notification, contract negotiation with presenter will begin immediately. Contract and details will be finalized once funding is secured from a KLCY partner by September 28, 2018. Presenters not selected will be notified by May 31, 2018.

Workshop Timeline for 2019:

February 26th to March 2nd:

Tuesday, February 26th: Central Kansas Library System—Great Bend

Thursday, February 28th: Southwest Kansas Library System—Dodge City Friday, March 1st: Northwest Kansas Library System—Oberlin

March 5th to March 8th:

Tuesday, March 5th: Southeast Kansas Library System—Iola

Wednesday, March 6th: South Central Kansas Library System—Wichita

Thursday, March 7th: North Central Kansas Library System—Manhattan Friday, March 8th: Northeast Kansas Library System—Topeka

Compensation: $12,000.00

Presenter will receive $12,000 in payment.

Presenter is responsible for her/his own travel to and from Kansas and in between site locations for the seven presentations. Presenter is responsible for all planning materials, props, craft supplies, and samples. Regional offices will supply copies of handouts for participants. Regional offices will cover the costs for hotel, meals the evening before that site’s presentation, and any meals during the presentation.

No detailed budget is required for this RFP.