Membership Meeting 2021 (online)

MPLA Membership Meeting
Thursday, April 29, 2021, 1pm PDT (& AZ), 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT

Meeting Agenda

Please use the chat feature in Zoom for questions, motions, and seconds

  1. Welcome and Call to Order – President Stephen Sweeney
  2. Approve/Amend Agenda
  3. Minutes of 2019 Membership Meeting Albuquerque, NM – Recording Secretary
  4. Financial and membership reports – Executive Secretary
  5. Review of last year’s accomplishments and business – President
  6. Recognition of current and outgoing board members – President
  7. Announcement of Next Conference – Montana State Rep gives promo
  8. Passing of Gavels – President
  9. Remarks from Incoming President – New President
  10. Adjournment

MPLA Membership Meeting
Friday, November 1, 2019 8:00am
Hotel Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM

Meeting Minutes


Welcome and Call to Order

President Leslie Langley called the meeting to order at 8:05am. There were 46 members in attendance.  

Approve / Amend Agenda

No amendments to the agenda were put forth. John Sandstrom motioned to approve the agenda.  Eileen Wright seconded. All members approved the agenda.

Minutes of 2018 Meeting

Luise Davis motioned to approve the 2018 meeting meetings without correction. Linda Potts seconded the motion. All approved

Financial and Membership Reports

Judy Kulp presented the financial report from January 2018 – December 2018. We spent about $5,700 out of cash reserves. We did well. In the next year, we have no conference income, so we will be budgeting conservatively.

Judy reported that membership is slightly down, but it usually picks up in November. She asked members to encourage their peers and colleagues to join MPLA. That is the best way to boost membership.

Review of last year’s accomplishments and business 

Leslie Langley reported that MPLA has had a good year.  There was an exceptional conference in Kansas last year and another in New Mexico. She extended a special thank you to Bradley Carrington for helping to make the joint MPLA/New Mexico Library Association (NMLA) Conference a big success. She also thanked the New Mexico Library Association for graciously hosting MPLA. She said it was a pleasure to work with the people of NMLA and to be in Albuquerque.

Leslie announced that this year, MPLA has a new value-added incentive for the membership.  We are in the test phase of adding webinars. MPLA already has a wealth of leadership and talent in the membership to bring to these webinars, and she hopes MPLA will get these together quickly. They will be free for members. Non-members will be charged a small fee, but they will get a lot of bang for their buck.

The MPLA Leadership institute is coming up. Leslie acknowledged Aubrey Madler for her work with the Institute. It takes a lot of preparation (over a year). The next will be in June 2020 at Arizo Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ. The application deadline has been extended to December 15. Leslie urged members to apply or recommend this opportunity to colleagues. If you are recommending, please send the direct link to apply. The Institute is a great experience. Leslie attended a session at the conference on the Leadership Institute and was very impressed by the members and mentors who spoke. The institute is life and career changing. Several people in attendance acknowledged having attended the Institute.

Leslie specifically acknowledged the Leadership Institute mentors in attendance: Eileen Wright, Annie Epperson, and Mickey Coalwell.  

Leslie acknowledged her colleagues at the Southeastern Public Library Network in Oklahoma for their help and support this year. She would not have been as successful without them. It was a great year.  She thanked everyone on the Board. She acknowledged Mickey Coalwell for serving as past president for 2 years. She could not have done it without him. She also acknowledged Judy Kulp for doing so much behind the scenes, which made being president light work.

Leslie reported that MPLA had a membership incentive rally amongst the state reps. She recognized Kansas for winning this rally. Shanna Smith, the Kansas Rep, accepted the award. She won a free membership for next year.

Robin Newell announced that there are professional development grants available for the Leadership Institute for those who are eligible.

Recognition of current and outgoing board members

Leslie recognized the following current and outgoing executive board members with an official certificate:

Robin Newell – Professional Development Committee Chair

Mary Ann Thompson – Membership Committee Chair

Tom Taylor – Leadership Institute Chair (given in absentia)

Cyndi Landis – Communications Committee Co-chair (given in absentia)

Frances Brummett –Bylaws Committee Chair

Eileen Wright - Nominating Committee Chair

Diana Weaver – Awards Committee Chair

Joe Frazier – Utah State Rep

Cindy Moore – Wyoming State Rep (given in absentia)

Nita Gill - South Dakota State Rep

April Miller – Oklahoma State Rep and Communications Committee Co-chair

Paulette Nelson - South Dakota Rep

Bradley Carrington – New Mexico Rep

Luise Davis – Nevada Rep

Evonne Edgington - Nebraska Rep

Rachel Rawn - Montana Rep

Shanna Smith - Kansas Rep

Elena Rosenfeld – Colorado Rep

Amadee Ricketts - Arizona rep

Brenda Hemmelman - Recording Secretary

 Annie Epperson - Archives Taskforce chair

Melanie Argo – MPLA Newsletter Editor (given in absentia)

Roy Degler (webmaster and system administrator) – Leslie announced that Roy will continue with MPLA following his retirement.

Aubrey Madler – Leadership Institute Coordinator

Judy Kulp –Executive Secretary

Mickey Coalwell – Past President 

Stephen Sweeney – Vice President and E-Professional Development Chair

Leslie Langley – President.




Remarks from Incoming President

At 8:26, Leslie passed the gavel to Stephen Sweeney, the new president. Stephen thanked Leslie for her term of service. Stephen presented Leslie with another gavel with her name and terms of service as a testament to the work she has done.

Stephen thanked everyone for last year’s accomplishments. He gave a special thank you to NMLA and to Leslie and Judy.

Looking ahead, Stephen reported that we have an upcoming Leadership Institute. He encouraged members to apply. He asked the state reps to also encourage members to apply. The deadline is December 15.

Stephen is also the chair of the E-Professional Development (e-PD) Task Force. He envisions finishing the e-PD best practices document on presenting via Zoom and creating a list of professional opportunities for the next year. He stated that MPLA members have a lot of skills to share with other members.

Next Conference: With Utah Library Association, May 2021

Stephen reported that the next MPLA conference is a joint conference with Utah Library Association in May 2021. It is exciting and he is looking forward to working with Robin and the Conference Planning Committee to come up with a successful conference.

Annie Epperson asked when Joe Frazier’s term as Utah state rep ends. Joe responded that his term extends until May 2021. Stephen’s term as president is also 18 months.  Annie mentioned that she had missed the call for the last MPLA auction. She suggested that maybe MPLA could do that again in the 18 months we have until the next conference.

There was a final reminder that all current and upcoming board members will take a picture after the meeting.


Elena Rosenfeld made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Robin Newell seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:33 am.