Maureen Sullivan

Mary Bushing, MT
Carol Hammond, AZ
Jane Hatch, KS
Joe McKenzie, KS
Judy Zelenski, CO

Leadership Institute Coordinator
Mary Bushing, MT

Annie Brunskill - South Dakota State Library, Reference/Gov Documents Librarian, SD
Scott Childers - University of NE-Lincoln Libraries, Assistant Systems Librarian, NE
Mickey Coalwell - Northeast Kansas Library System, Library Development Coordinator, KS
Sharla Darby - Tucson-Pima Public Library, Managing Librarian, AZ
Sarah English - Omaha Public Library, Youth Collection Development Librarian, NE
Jan Enright - Mikkelsen Library, Circulation/Reference Librarian, SD
Celeste Ertelt - Paul Hoghaug Library, Library Director, ND
Cindy Eubank - Granby Branch, Manager, CO
Jennifer Fay - Riverton Library, Youth Services Librarian, UT
Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh - Omaha Public Library, Librarian I, NE
Samantha Hines - University of Montana, Outreach Coordinator/Social Sciences Librarian, MT
Donna James - Allen Memorial Library, Library Director, ND
Ivy Jarvis - Glendale Public Library, Librarian II, AZ
TyRee Jenks - Montana State University-Billings Library, Reference Librarian, MT
Elaine Jones Hayes - Laramie Country Library System, Special Collections Librarian, WY
Sarah Kaufman - Tempe Public Library, Youth Services Librarian, AZ
Barbara Lah - University of New Mexico Law Library, Librarian/Lecturer, NM
Pamela Martin - Utah State University, Reference Librarian, UT
Anna Mathews - Scottsdale Public Library, Teen Librarian, AZ
Johanna McClay - Bismarck State College, Reference Librarian, ND
Donna McCrea - Maureen & Mike Mansfield Library, Head of Archives, MT
Laurie McHenry - Chester Fritz Library, Catalog Librarian & Acquisitions Manager, ND
Vickie Mix - Hilton M. Briggs Library, Assistant Professor, SD
Sharon Moreland - Tonganoxie Public Library, Director, KS
Catherine Newland - Morrill Public Library, Library Director, KS
Eileen O'Connell - Taylor Ranch Library, Generalist Librarian, NM
Brian Rosenblum - Scholarly Initiatives Librarian, University of Kansas, KS
Susan Salem - J. W. Marriott Library University of Utah, Project Manager, UT
Jennifer Sprague - Meem Library, Library Director, NM
Laura Teske - Learning Resources Center, Cataloging/Reference Librarian, OK
Michelle Wilde - Colorado State University Libraries, Associate Professor/Physical Sciences Lib., CO